Tsukahara Highlands


Leisurely and carefree holidays In Tsukahara Highlands

Located in the heart of the wide prairie of Tsukahara, Irohanihoheto Condominium consists of three beautiful rental cottages: Bochi-Bochi, Hodo-Hodo and the newest Vin-Vin. Surrounded by Mother Nature, whether it is in summer, admiring the great outdoor around a barbecue, or in winter warming body and soul around a hot casserole by the fire place, or at night contemplating the stars by a wood-burning stove, every moment of your leisurely stay will be enjoyable.

Check-in time is 15:00 and check-out time is 10:00.

* Priority will be given to time that has been set according to each accommodation plan.


* Check-in / check-out time 15:00~ / ~10:00Please contact us if you expect to check-in after 15 : 00. Should you have to cancel your stay due to very bad weather or to emergency, cancellation fee will be subject to negotiation.
* Parking Five free space for 5 cars; reservation unnecessary
* Cancellation charges Cancellation fee will be charged as followed:
same day : 100% of the contracted cottage rental fee will be charged
up to six days before the arrival date : 75%
up to 14 days before the arrival date : 50 %
* In case of no show 100% of the contracted cottage rental fee will be charged
* Credit card We are sorry but payment by credit cards cannot be accepted.


・As there is no grocery store in and around Tsukahara Highland, it is highly recommended to buy your groceries before coming in.
・In winter season, snowfalls are not uncommon in Tsukahara Highland and roads can be at times quite icy. Snow tires or chains are a must.
・Each of the three villas have barbecue facilities protected by a roof but in case of rain with strong winds, it may not be possible to use them.
・Water from every faucet is clean drinkable water.
・Thank you for sorting out the garbage before leaving.